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NEW MUSIC from AALIYAH! – Quit Hatin

January 22, 2013 | by Remel London

In the past week a lot of Aaliyah fans have shown their love and appreciation by celebrating and sending out thoughts, prayers and well wishes to her family around what would have been her 34th birthday.

Almost like a thank you to her fans this new track produced by Knotch & Dre Sinatra was released. Aaliyah’s voice was amazing and I would love to say that I like this song but unfortunately I don’t. Aaliyah’s voice deserves better than this over produced bassy beat which a lot of the time is drowning her out. 🙁

I feel like my views on this may be a little controversial! p.s I’m not HATIN… i’m just voicing my opinion as an unbiased fan. I wish we could let her music stay as beautiful as it was and not try and re-create her amazing sound without her consent.

Let me know your views on the new 2013 Aaliyah sound!