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New Web Series – YOMO| Episode 1: The African, Asian Persuasion starring @YonahOdoom & @Moshanakhan

August 13, 2014 | by Remel London

I just stumbled across this brilliant new comedy / drama and web series starring the amazingly talented Yonah Odoom, the sister of Kiss FM presenter Melvin and Moshana Khan who have created a cultural masterpiece!

This brand new show takes a hilarious look at the lives of Yonah & Moshana (Yo & Mo) two ladies living and loving in London. Both are fast approaching thirty, and the reality of being left on the shelf is becoming an uncomfortable reality, mainly because of the pressures from their persky families.
Determined not to grow old as lonely spinsters with just themselves and a cat for company, they decide to go on an all out assault to find their future husbands. For Yo & Mo marriage is for life, therefore they are determined to make sure its with the right guy, even if it means meeting all the wrong ones!

This is JUST what we need! I really look forward to seeing more and seeing what else YOMO has to offer 🙂