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January 7, 2014 | by Remel London

Happy New Body! Yep I know that’s what you want to do right? Get that New Years Resolution off of the ground, by being sexier than last year.

Tut tut this shouldn’t be a new year thing this should be a way of life…. ok i’m gonna stop preaching i’m no healthy saint… i ate every kind of fatty food in the festive holidays and I’m going extra hard to work towards my holiday bod!


I’m going away in March so I need to get cracking! But I’m going to introduce you to some apps that really helped me find a good work out scheme towards the end of last year and hopefully will carry me in to my New Body and I’m sure it will for you too.

So we can’t always afford a personal trainer, or even a gym membership for that matter so why not set a side 7 minutes in your  day with the 7 Minute Workout. The app will cardio your way through 12 exercises with the option to chose the number of cycles and choice of exercise duration from 15 – 90 secs per exercise and a choice of rest duration from 10-90secs.

For the Cardio kings and queens this is a great get sweaty kind of app. But I must say it does get a bit repetitive and there is  possibility of getting over familiar with the app, which would unfortunately mean not much room for progression.

But my suggestion is to try mixing and matching your work outs with other apps. See it as going to different classes.. See this as a portable Cardio Blast Class. Double it up with a body sculpt  class to top off the work out.

Let me introduce you to the Ultra Fitness App!

The Ultra Fitness app definitely served me well towards the end of the year, but will definitely require equipment, but i learnt the hard way if you want to get fit get the membership or invest in some equipment of your own.

Ladies dont be scared of weights but of course don’t go over board. Over using weights, particularly of the wrong weight can be damaging.

 ultra fitness

 This app has it all and I haven’t even had the  chance to use it to it’s full potential, but with full body work out plans, from tone & firm, to fat burner programs and also recipes, meal plans and top 40 foods recommended for the perfect steps towards living an ultra fit life.

ultra pic   ultra pic2

NTCAgain, I’m awaiting the updates for new work outs as I am a bit of a hopper and a skipper when it comes to working out, so i’m currently trialling the Nike Training Club. Which is killer but i loved it!

But being fit and healthy doesn’t have to be expensive. Find a a floor space ( preferably one without neighbours below… trust me it doesn’t go well) Find the best work out plan for you and enjoy getting fit, once a week, twice a week or everyday make it work for the New Years You!

Is there an app that works for you?