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@NoScrunchie Relaxed hair maintenance event 15th July @ the Wine Tun

July 3, 2014 | by Remel London

I’m so excited about The No Scunchie -Relaxed hair maintenance event!

no scrunchie

On Tuesday 15th July, NoScrunchie will be hosting a healthy hair event, which is one of their quarterly events, that cater for different texture or style.

Finally they have arranged the next meet up that focuses on relaxed hair!
I’m going to be totally honest, I’m sooooo fed up with people banging on about “being natural” and their “hair journey” experiences! Good for you… what about me???  Being a black girl can be soooo much pressure when it comes to how your hair looks.
I’ve been bullied, I’ve been ignored by the opposite sex, I’ve been made to feel pretty low because growing up i didn’t have what some like to call “Good hair” so i did what anyone in my situation would do… FIX IT! well that’s what i thought… but now it’s all about natural hair and how much better it is to have natural hair… I hear you but i disagree. All hair is hard work and i’ve made my choice… even though I would love to go natural, but for the sake of my career and the constant need to look “fabulous” i at least give it a try with relaxed hair and my old faithful weave loooool

But seriously, i’m so glad that NoScrunchie have noticed that there is presently not much out there for relaxed ladies and they hope to help bridge this gap.

This will be based on maintaining healthy relaxed hair. They will have a great panel of speakers answering all our questions and will include Victoria Akuagwu from Ziuzo Hair, beauty and fitness, Julie Oli , vlogger on healthyafrohair and Rose Sterling, an educator from MIZANI.
Venue is the Wine Tun on Cannon Street on 15th July from 6:30pm. Come early and get a free drink! Event is free and you can sign up here. – See more at: