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Paul Woolford – Untitled (Call Out Your Name) Official Video

January 30, 2014 | by Remel London

We all know Dance music is SUPER IN!!! But it’s about the vocals that helps push the music forward and UK producer, originally from Leeds (a city occasionally rep lol) has definitely caught on to it!

I love House music, but I’m seeing a clear difference between House and Dance music. The main thing that attracts me to house is the beats and the bass. Although this song is very repetitive, and lacks all that I love, the soulful vocals allows you to get lost in trance of the music. This untitled song is ALMOST mesmerising, which is what drew me to passing on this track.

The video is possibly the weirdest I have seen yet, but adds to the mesmerising nature, as you continue to watch and wonder why the hell are these odd women working out with cats?

Only god knows….

Are you falling for Dance?