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Remel London RWD Orchestral Mixtape review ft GFRSH, J2K & more

October 3, 2013 | by Remel London

RWD Magazine teamed up with Small Green shoots and The Urban Soul Orchestra, to bring the ultimate fusion of Grime, funky  house, smooth r’n’b and hip hop to The King’s Place unexpected  Orchestral setting.

Upon entrance you would probably expect to see a classical performance piece, but of course to my excitement, the room was filled with HOOD hoots and holla’s and gassed up screams from excited teens ready to see the best of UK Talent with a twist.

Homegrown’s very own DJ Target from BBC radio 1xtra & Radio 1 was the host of the evening. It’s only right to be fair!

The first act to my surprise  was MC Verse – funky house ravers I know you all know him as MC VERS – A TIIIIILLLLE lol

My initial thought was… oh no this guy is trying to make  come back, but I can not lie I got up in the moment and was GETTING UP & GETTING DOWN to the CLASSIC Funky Anthem with the perfectly conducted!

Next up was an unfamilar face and name if I’m honest, of Khalia who took to the stage with a R’n’B opener and then a super cringy bashment end  to her performance. It was nice to see something different on stage and nice to see a female representing but I was ver disappointed as she definitely needs some vocal work and a little more stage presence rather than pacing up and down .

But it all got TURNT UP when JIIK took it back with an old skool grime opener and also His LL COOL J HIT FRESH! The Orchestra were perfectly in sync and brought producer footsteps brand new sound to life!

To close the show was the headliner GFRSH, who thugged out the whole orchestra, by insisting they all wear Balaclava’s… YES, EVERYONE! He looked comfortable and at home with the orchestra but i would have liked a little more to the set. it all happened a little to quickly.

Overall it was a great night out for young and old music listeners and had a little bit of everything for everyone’s ear.

I have to pay respect to the one and only DEZY BONGO who could be found in the back WERKIN’ the drums!!! HE’S SOOO SICK and will definitely apart of a major event in my life, birthday, wedding, child’s birth or anything and everything lol

Congrats to all involved!