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Remel London has teamed up with Southern Rail #LineResidents

January 28, 2019 | by Remel London

This year, Southern Rail will be celebrating the power of journeys with their brand Line Residents, by sharing the positive transformations that can happen on a train journey. The Line Residents are influencers in music, LGBTQ and parenting, and will be sharing stories inspired by their own transformational journeys on the Southern network.

As you can imagine I’ve interviewed a lot of music artists over the years who have inspired me and are all amazing people from different walks of life. One thing for sure, they all have in common is that their lives have been transformed by pursuing a career in music.

I’ve teamed up with Southern Rail to get a first-hand experience of how music is transforming lives across the Southern Rail network. Over the next few months, I will meet music artists, music therapy mentors, organisations and visit events and workshops to showcase the journey’s individuals and communities have undertaken through music.

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Keep a lookout for more transformational stories from my journeys with Southern Rail!