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#REVIEW: Remel London at the ImPossible Conversation -Youth Edition 2014

September 9, 2014 | by Remel London

Last week I had the pleasure of attending this year’s youth edition of the ImPossible Conversation. Oh before I forget to mention, I also had the pleasure of hosting the Q&A and interviewing all of the amazing panel and supporters and spectators!

ImPossible was founded and co-ordinated by the magnificent Simone Bresi Ando, a fabulous woman on a mission to inspire others around her! This particular event was dedicated to the young women of today,  with the opportunity to gather at the House of Commons, by invitation from MP Diane Abbott. The Youth edition was designed to provide a platform to share success stories, learn from one another and inspire and core blimey it done exactly that. Half of the room left in tears of joy and encouragement and I for one can honestly say I was inspired, motivated and learnt so much from the panel but also the amazing articulate and passionate young people!

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I learnt sooooo much from the guest speakers at the event and here is a little brief of why they are POSSIBLE Women and what I learnt from their success stories!

Hannah Balogun is a 25 year old, hairdressing business owner. She single handedly opened  two salons called ‘HoneyHand’, in east and south London.

KEY MESSAGE: The Key message that I learnt from Hannah was to work towards your goal and dream both with had work but also financially! She decided she wanted to save £10,000 in under a year, so through side hustles and mobile hairdressing she saved £300 A WEEK! I still can not calculate how she did this but WOW!  I was definitely impressed and I’ve definitely started saving… well I’m starting off with 20p’s in a Jar lol But its a start!

Patricia Bright is a YouTube star that created her channel as an outlet to share her passion for all things fashionable and beautiful. In Just 3 years the Brit Pop Princess as her Youtube followers would know her, has racked up over 400,000 subscribers! WOW!

KEY MESSAGE: Patricia is now a full time Blogger, vlogger and is heavily involved in advertising and the marketing products that she loves! YES PEOPLE she get’s paid for youtube videos!

I am working on investing on a camera ASAP and doing what I love I will be back blogging and vlogging a lot more regularly very soon!

Anne-Marie Imafidon has amassed a wealth of experience in industry through work at Goldman Sachs, Hewlett-Packard, Deutsche Bank and Lehman BROTHERS. Most recently Anne-Marie has set up the award-winning social enterprise “Stemettes” which is inspiring the next generation of females into Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics roles through panel events, hackathons and exhibitions.

KEY MESSAGE: Although I haven’t a clue about Science, Technology and definitely not Engineering or Maths, I salute this sister for proving that women of colour can do ANYTHING!!!

And finally…

Shavani Seth is the lead actress and star in the UK hit Youngers on E4. Shavani has is rounding off a huge year as she is currently filming a recurring guest star spot on Homeland series 4 alongside Claire Danes and Rupert Friend.

KEY MESSAGE: Shavani absolutely blew me away! I most importantly loved how open she was about her faith! As someone who has strong morals, beliefs, faith and my own commitment to God, it was so refreshing to hear her speak of how important it is to keep her faith and not take rolls that she doesn’t feel comfortable with. It’s a tough world out there, especially in the entertainment world and you can easily be lead astray or become desperate to get that roll. NOPE not Shavani she is a leading lady both on the stage, TV screen and to many other aspiring actresses! 

Thank you once again to the ImPossible team! If you would like to find out about more upcoming ImPossible events check out the website



Remel London and Shavani Seth – ImPossible Youth Edition
Remel London and Patricia Bright - ImPossible Youth Edition
Remel London and Patricia Bright – ImPossible Youth Edition