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Rita Ora accepts Calvin Harris’ $7million mansion move in!

January 7, 2014 | by Remel London

The Girl done goood. Music is at a stand – still it seems, even though she’s been working to the point of exhaustion (apparently working on her second album) but who cares, she’s bagged her a super chart-topping millionaire boyfriend who is offering her the world… ok maybe not the world… but this Dreamy $7million Hollywood hills home.


Looks REAAAALLLLL GOOD in there! Now a source says APPARENTLY “Rita took her time making the decision. But she does spend a lot of time in LA anyway and has friends there. So in the end she knew it was the right thing to do.” PFFFTT I don’t believe that for a minute.

Take your eyes back up to the picture above. But I guess maybe…. if you really try and find a negative in there, it is a big commitment. she’s only 23 and playing husbands and wife with 29 year old Calvin Harris. He might be planning Marriage and babies while she’s thinking

rita face


“Clear out at mine I forgot I had all this fancy dress! I don’t wanna get rid of anything! 2014…”

In other words, all my toys won’t fit… She is still a big kid and I don’t blame her for that as so am  I. But this is a big step!

Does moving in together really help relationships?