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See what happened when GIGGS went ahead with his cancelled HMV album signing!

October 17, 2013 | by Remel London

On the release of the When Will It stop album release Giggs has had it rough. After only a weeks notice of having to cancel his first ever official London Headline show, and then also having his HMV album signing cancelled on THE DAY of his album signing! It’s quite ridiculous how he is being treated!

Here’s what Giggs exclusively had to say with LinkUpTV.

See What happened When Link Up TV went to cover the OUT SIDE HMV meet & greet and Album signing!

As you can see here there was an amazing and positive response towards Giggs from the fans, and may I point out the fans that came down are all ages, races, and from different cultures and intended to cause no trouble and that’s exactly what happened!

It’s just a shame and disappointing that they won’t allow a man who is trying to make a living and progress as an artist have his moment!
But as he said He had his last laugh on this one and proved that he won’t be stopped!