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Stop Shuffling and JUST FEEL IT! House Music – @iamTchami – Promesses feat. @Kaleem_Taylor

July 7, 2014 | by Remel London

This posts comes out of pure confusion and Ive got to admit it’s a little bit of frustration. I just watched a video of a girl, wearing weed socks and sunglasses ( obviously she had more on but that stood out lol ) and she was “SHUFFLING” a term often used for the dance moves associated with house music.

She was labelled a house head and the shuffling queen. I’m sorry but i was severely unimpressed. Is it just me that thing pffft I can do that and gets offended? looool The track playing was took sick, but wasn’t even named. A commenter on the youtube video is the only source of information and this irritated me.

The video focused on her emotionless face and hand signals which i admit I do, but i do it for the love of the music. There were a few combo twists and jumps in there but bloody hell there are actually professional house dancers out there. Please give them a call!

I don’t “shuffle” for entertainment I do it for the vibes and the feeling!

So that’s why i’m just saying respect the house music scene please! A big shout out to Tchami and Kaleem Taylor who I didn’t even know slayed these vocals I’m so glad I found this song i’ve heard it many a times but never knew the producers!
I’m definitely a new fan!