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Where do you come from?

March 16, 2017 | by Remel London

One of the most common questions that I get asked when I meet someone new is…IMG_3070

What country do you come from?
Honestly… I took part in a school talk as a special guest for Visible Women this week and that was the first question from one of the students lol

It’s usually … “Your Jamaican right?” or “I knew you was from Ghana” …
NOPE! NO! no, no, no, no! ┬áIt’s GUY – AN -A!


It’s quite a big country I’m not sure why people don’t always know about it, but theres nothing more satisfying than showing off how exotic I am when I get to say I am half Nigerian and half Guyanese!

I visited Nigeria back in 2005 ( I’m well overdue another trip) and in December 2016, I finally got the opportunity to visit Guyana for the 1st time.

Funnily enough, at the start of 2016 I put on my vision board that Guyana was somewhere I wanted to go and I’m super happy I was able to achieve it.




It was an incredible trip where I got to visit my Mother and grandparents homeland and I also felt like I was going home.

My Grandad is an incredible story teller so it was amazing being able to visit some of the landmarks he mentioned.

Remel with Aunties and Uncles in Guyana

But of course with every adventure there is a lesson to be learnt and I realised there is a lot to know when you decide to take your 1st trip to Guyana.

Check out some of my top tips and also some hilarious stories from my travels!