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Girls Talk London Series 1| Will successful women be single forever?

June 30, 2016 | by Remel London

In this episode our hosts open up about their own personal opinions on if being a single woman has helped them stay more focused on their career and business goals. With more women (over 70%) buying their own homes, cars and businesses we question if huge success brings singledom. Our hosts also chat interview nightmare experiences, why women are given a hard time when taking a stand in the boardroom and if women are paid less than men because they are scared to ask for a pay rise?

This show is led by four dynamic, diverse and outspoken hosts who are:

Vanessa Sanyauke, Founder of Girls Talk London
Remel London, Award-wining TV Presenter & Co-Host on what’s up, Sky 1
Dean Quinton Smith, Presenter and Cast Member of Bear Grylls, Channel 4
Yazmin Joy Vigus, Writer, Blogger & Founder of

Directed, shot & edited by alongside a crew of 30 kick ass women!

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